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This volume contains the formal record of the course lectures.

GPUMCD: a new GPU-Oriented Monte Carlo dose calculation platform

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FAQ Policy. About this book For ten days at the end of September, , a group of about 75 scientists from 21 different countries gathered in a restored monastery on a meter high piece of rock jutting out of the Mediterranean Sea to discuss the simulation of the transport of electrons and photons using Monte Carlo techniques. Show all.

BEEP: The benchmark exercise for electrons and photons - INSPIRE-HEP

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Monte Carlo Transport of Electrons and Photons

Abstract Many Monte Carlo simulations ignore coherent scattering events and utilise the Klein-Nishina free electron distribution, rather than the incoherent differential cross-section, for choosing the trajectories of incoherently scattered photons. We assess the accuracy of this model by comparing its results with those of the complete bound electron model form factor approach , which simulates coherent scattering events, and uses the appropriate bound electron angular scattering distributions.

What the HECK is a Photon?!

Both analytic and Monte Carlo calculations demonstrate that use of the free electron scattering distributions significantly underestimates the angular distribution of scattered photon energy resulting from low and medium energy photons incident upon carbon, iron, and platinum barriers. In using the free electron approximations to calculate barrier transmission, significant errors occur only for primary photon energies below keV.

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