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It has all the elements of a memorable read and I highly recommend it to lovers of crime fiction. This book is well written.

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It shows family dynamics, friendships, love, and the suspense of never knowing whom the killer truly is until the end. The unanswered question is will Detective Cross ever figure it out. Must read for anyone who likes suspense. Jul 28, Cecily Kyle rated it liked it Shelves: Better than the last one but I still am not loving this series as much as some of his others. I will definitely continue on the series because I am hoping I like the future stories a bit more.

Aug 06, Gary rated it really liked it. Oct 21, Kevin Wijas rated it it was amazing.

Alex Cross Books in Chronological Order:

Roses are Red by James Patterson is an exciting mystery that is led by D. This book is not only a great read but it also shows the importance of family life and how qui Roses are Red by James Patterson is an exciting mystery that is led by D. This book is not only a great read but it also shows the importance of family life and how quickly someone can be on the edge of dieing.

It makes you realize how much you should cherish life and enjoy every minutes of it. James Patterson is an exciting author who makes reading become more of a movie in your head. He draws pictures in your head from everything from crazy murderers to his valued family situations. The only down side to this book was that some times I felt like the characters did things that put them in danger that could have been easily avoided if they had used common sense.

So if you are an action junkie who loves unpredictable twist and turns, then Roses are Red is without a doubt a great book for you. I would give it 5 stars out of five. This book is an absolute thriller and roller coaster right up to the end. Aug 23, Erica rated it it was ok Shelves: Unfortunately, this is going to be my last James Patterson novel.

I think that there just comes a point where you realize you have outgrow certain authors and I haven't particularly cared for the last three Patterson novels I have read. I realized tonight that I don't want to read any more JP and I don't want to read any more John Grisham, so all of the rest of my unread novels of both of these guys great writ Unfortunately, this is going to be my last James Patterson novel. I realized tonight that I don't want to read any more JP and I don't want to read any more John Grisham, so all of the rest of my unread novels of both of these guys great writers that they are are going to be going to other readers that want them via paperbackswap.

How did I come to this conclusion? I really wasn't that razzed about this novel at all and I'm shocked that it was a best seller. For people who shy away from writing poetry. Roses Are Red has 4 ratings and 1 review. Clare said: I particularly enjoyed the sections Love in Literature and Love in Mythology, also some histori. First you think it's one guy, and it's not.

Then you think it's another guy And the final shocking crime? Yeah, it's pretty bad, no question, but there are so many unanswered questions. I seriously could have lived without the necrophilia. The end didn't shock me one bit But as a stand-alone book, it just didn't hold my attention very well. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book was sloppy. It was never explained why the Mastermind became the Mastermind.

In fact, the robberies and the hostage situations became predictable as well. The characters caught as the "Mastermind" came out of no where and were gone almost as soon as they were introduced providing no depth to the story.

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A lot of chapters with very poor development in the plot. Apr 23, Lisa rated it really liked it. This is one of the few times that this series has left me with a cliffhanger at the end of a book.

James Patterson Alex Cross Book Series

I guess I'll have to start the next one really soon - normally by the end of the book you get the sense of how it's going to end. Jan 31, Lulu rated it really liked it. I'm ready to start on book Feb 03, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 24, Charlotte Buried in Books rated it liked it Shelves: Better than the previous 2 books. The story didn't get too crazy - even though it was centred on a series of bank robberies which appear to have been carried out by different crews but the same person appears to be behind all of them - a man they call The Mastermind.

He has a habit of wiping out the crews when the job is done. But that's not all he does. The Mastermind has a varied criminal career - which includes kidnapping and rape as well as murder. Can Alex track down the Mastermind? On the ho Better than the previous 2 books. On the home front there is a brief storyline for Alex's daughter Janine when she falls ill.

Christine takes off for Seattle because she can't get over what the Weasel did to her - it's not helped by the news that the Weasel seems to still be alive after the murder of his wife and leaves little Alex behind with his father. It brings every emotion on from sadness, tears, joy, passion and most of all shock upon shock.

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Absolutely riveting. Be sure to read Pop Goes the Weasel first, for some of the on going storyline, it's worth the knowledge. I'm on to the next of the series of nursery rhyme stories Customer Reviews See All. Guilty Wives. Private: 1 Suspect. Alex Cross, Run. Kill Alex Cross. There are over two dozen fictional installments of this series, so if you are looking for an amazing suspense series with a strong male protagonist and want to see the movie based on the book after , check out the first and rest of the books in this series!

The book was adapted into a film starring Morgan Freeman in The adaptation of the Middle School novel by Patterson for middle grade students came out in theaters in Along Came a Spider is the first novel in the Alex Cross series. If you have been searching for an amazing thriller that keeps you turning the pages to find out what happens next, this is the right series and debut fiction novel for you! Maggie Rose is a little girl that has gone missing.

Meanwhile, a family consisting of three people has been found murdered in the Washington, D. Then there is the matter of a gorgeous teacher that was killed for what appears to be for the awful thrill of it. Could these cases all be linked? It turns out that there is a killer on the loose. This serial kidnapper and murderer is psychopathic in nature.

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The police and the FBI are not capable of outsmarting this man, even after his capture. Main character Alex Cross, a homicide detective, is the only one with the experience and the smarts to take this villain on. He may be the only one that has what it takes to take Gary down before he pulls off his master plan.

ISBN 13: 9780755349340

The chemistry between Alex and Jezzie is palpable, and the two may not be able to stop themselves from giving in to an affair of passion despite the risks. With Gary still playing his games, Cross is horrified when another unspeakable crime happens in his very own precinct. Can he outsmart a psychopath? Or will Soneji take him out first? Read this unforgettable thriller to find out! Cross is back at it again to put his mind to the test when it comes to solving a confusing murder case.

Roses Are Red

A reporter in L. In North Carolina, a medical intern disappears. Read this engaging second book in the Cross series by James Patterson to find out!