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Toujours Provence

Forgot your password? Close Login. Forgot Password. Close Reset Password. Processing Please Don't Refresh the Page. Browse Books. Peter Mayle writes about his daily life in Provence. It continues where a A Year in Provence leaves off. It is a great read and really made me want to travel to that region of France. I definitely want to read his other books as well. Sep 10, Lobstergirl rated it did not like it Shelves: got-rid-of , aborted.

Grotesque stereotyping and cutesy exoticizing. I only read the first chapter, so maybe it got infinitely better, but I doubt it. Now I see from whence David Sedaris sprang as an ex-pat writer! Mayle led the way back in with A Year in Provence, to which Toujours Provence is a worthy sequel. I was too young and busy raising children to appreciate these lovely memoirs at the time; now they whisper wistfully to me of a different style of life that can only be adopted in this part of France that reveres beauty in its food, its wines, and its land.

Прованс навсегда Toujours Provence

The Provence of which Mayle writes is a reverential photograph of taking on Now I see from whence David Sedaris sprang as an ex-pat writer! The Provence of which Mayle writes is a reverential photograph of taking one's time to enjoy everything that the region so bountifully offers, including compelling characters who pop in and out of Mayle's life to introduce him to truffles, pastis, dinner with Pavarotti, dogs, and even singing toads.

Reading Toujours Provence lifted me from my physical and emotional geography, plopping me down firmly in a place where surprise and delight await the reader at every turn. Merci, Mayle. Jan 31, Ashley rated it liked it. This is really probably a 3. I think my expectations were so high after loving the first book, that this one never really stood a chance.

Peter Mayle's Provence: Including 'A Year in Provence' and 'Toujours Provence'

It was still a pleasing book to read, but I missed the narrative flow of the first; this one is broken into short observational essays, rather than telling about daily life in Provence. Some of the essays were much stronger than others, though Mayle's trademark dry wit and affection for his adopted home are present in all. Overall, worth the read, but n This is really probably a 3. Overall, worth the read, but not as good as the first. Dec 23, Nadine rated it really liked it. After having lived in Provence myself, I finally got around to ready Peter Mayle's memoirs.

I got a lot of chuckle from his stories, since many of them remain true to the core of the Provencal lifestyle even 30 years later. A collection of fun experiences and mouthwatering dinners, this book is a pleasant diversion from a dreary winter afternoon. Just take heed - should you decide to abandon all and whisk yourself away to the Luberon, the drivers are decidedly worse these days!

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The wine, thankfu After having lived in Provence myself, I finally got around to ready Peter Mayle's memoirs. The wine, thankfully, is not. I think I've enjoyed the other book of this author a bit more. This one has a bit too much of expressions in French that are not translated and, as someone who doesn't speak French, I found that I was missing several punchlines to the jokes.

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It delved a bit too deep into types of food of drinks that are being eaten there - I know it constitutes part of the regional culture, but it was a bit too much of it. On the other hand, the book was written in a very funny and witty way and it did make me, a I think I've enjoyed the other book of this author a bit more.

On the other hand, the book was written in a very funny and witty way and it did make me, at least a bit, wish I was there, living such a quiet and peaceful life Mar 26, Cheryl rated it really liked it. This book was a heavenly escape from my studies and from real life.

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  5. Just a brief idyll in the south of France with lots of food, quirky neighbors, lovely scenery, and some relaxation by the pool or wandering the woods. Mayle's celebration of Provence is a joy to experience, even if it has made living there feel so accessible that the influx of people trying to copy him has made it less of an escape from reality.

    May 10, Lee rated it liked it. Interesting quick read with little vignettes about the author and his wife relocating from England to Provence I loved the story of the absinthe factory whose owner just switched over to anis when absinthe was made illegal in due to it being a hallucinogen and dangerous, even deadly sometimes.

    The writer notes this change had "the considerable advantage that customers would live to come back for more. Mar 05, Alison rated it really liked it. I liked this book better than "A Year in Provence" simply because the short stories made it a better travel companion on holiday, offered a more diverse look at life in southern France, and because the story about "Boy" had both my husband and I laughing out loud with Mayle's particular turn of phrase.

    All-in-all it was light and fun, and I enjoyed it. But I'm not sure I'm going to seek out any more in the series and I'm unlikely to re-read it. May 12, Steve Ewing rated it did not like it.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed Mayle's "A Year in Provence", with the story line of moving to Provence, refurbishing their house, the people involved and the people that made up their new community. It reads more as a weekly journal in the local newspaper, with no connection from week to week. It got old very quickly. I stopped at pages.

    Mar 22, Tim Corke rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction , bio-journal , humour , travel-adventure , sustainable-living. It may due to the unrelated anecdotal style that felt like short stories that could have added into the first or possibly that the first was so good in character detail that this one felt a bit lacking.

    Difficult to say. Aug 23, Patricia rated it it was amazing. I read this book with absolute pleasure!

    Book Review: Toujours Provence - Chris Lamb

    I'd read "A Year in Provence" before this and was hooked! I loved hearing about the people and the food in Provence and it made me want to visit someday. I've never had truffles and thought truffles always meant "Chocolate Truffles" One track mind. I think maybe I'll have to try the truffles found in the woods: hopefully in a restaurant.

    Some of the stories Peter Mayle writes are absolutely hilarious! Mar 20, Razvan Banciu rated it it was amazing. RIP Peter Mayle, gentleman, writer and bon-viveur! His litearary skills are beyond any doubt: Jerome k. Jerome's naive humor, O Henry abilities as a story-teller, Jeffrey Archer nobility and detachment, Hasek's satirical talent. But, above all rises his goodness in the air, which can be reached only by the finest ones. Sep 03, Donna Shaw rated it really liked it. If you want a delightful and easy book to read and learn about life in Provence, this author is the one for you.